Enhance Property

Yorkshire based contractor exceeding goals through bespoke fundamentals; our processes attract and influence.

Our growing property branch also strategically handles national proactive and reactive maintenance, around the clock, 365 days a year.

Attract to Grow

Attract customers and industry leaders.

Leading the industry by utilising core values; we create an ideal space for you, clients and visitors.

We take your business to the next creative level.

Increase Productivity

Reduce margins, regain momentum.

We make time for all our clients, our team actually enjoy listening. Yorkshire based contractor known to make a great cuppa and exceed your expectations.

Our ideal clients desire a way to stand-out, some admit to requiring results, yesterday.

It's ideal, we specialise in rapid delivery of full turnkey solutions completing high quality interiors, that go beyond looking attractive.

Use the art of attraction with your spaces. Transform into a place which attracts.

We work closely with developers and leading corporate brands to create brand momentum.

Spruce My have already a well-established client base, which is very methodical and selective.

Psychological Influence

Sell naturally without the pitch.

We turn spaces into digitally adapted places.

Simply increase our clients revenue and productivity by implementing proven strategies within interior design to influence the minds of window shoppers to in turn, step over the threshold and purchase, for example.

Psychological influence is a powerful resource many fail to utilise.

Exceed Expectations

Welcome to the contractor of the future.

Quality Assured, Internally Managed – Exceed Your Expectations!

As a natural contractor, we endeavour to update our clients daily. All projects to date have been completed before allocated handover. This is due to our strict processes involved in project managing our sites.

Remember, Spruce My only work with clients who endeavour to exceed expectations, specialise in delivering fit outs, refurbishments and maintenance as a turnkey solution.

Allocated highly trained tradesmen and project managers tendering to your delicate projects; we only use our own trades to ensure quality. All works completed are to our strict internal processes, we're not believers in outsourcing.

Is your property due a spruce up? I think so.

We're listening - use this as an invitation to receive free advice.